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Devon from Wagepoint
Devon from Wagepoint
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Note that changing your statutory holiday pay method may impact payrolls in progress.

1. In the navigation bar, go to Settings.

2. Under Payroll settings, select Statutory Holidays.

3. Review your current statutory holiday calculation method.

4. To change your statutory holiday calculation method, click Change method.

5. Select your preferred method:

  • Daily wage method: This method calculates statutory holiday pay by using an employee’s hourly rate multiplied by the hours for the holiday. You can edit the number of hours for each holiday.
  • Federal method: This is for federally-regulated industries/workplaces that fall under the Canada Labour Code. This method uses 1/20th of wages earned in the four weeks immediately before the holiday.
    • Note: This method can only be selected after you have run four weeks of payroll.
  • Manual calculation: I’ll track, calculate, and add the statutory holiday pay myself within payroll.

6. Click Save to confirm your selection.

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