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Devon from Wagepoint
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Note: You must be an account owner to adjust permissions for roles.


1. In the navigation menu, go to Settings.

2. Under Company settings, click Roles & Permissions.

3. Locate the relevant role and click the role card.

4. On the Permission settings tab, click Edit. If you’ve edited this section before, you have the option to reset to default once you select Edit.

5. Make your desired changes, then click Save.


Types of User Permissions

For each permission, you'll select the appropriate level of access for that role. Access levels include:

  • View & edit: The user will be able to access and edit the information in that section.
  • View only: The user can access the section in a read-only state.
  • No access: The user cannot see anything in that section.
  • Run & submit: This is unique to payroll permission and a two-step approval process should be enabled. A user can access the payroll screen, input data, and submit payroll for another user to review and approve before it gets processed.
  • Run & approve: This is unique to payroll permission. Run, submit, and approve payroll.
  • View & export: This is unique to Reports permissions. The user can modify the available filters and export functionalities (e.g., print, export to .CSV, export to QuickBooks, generate a share link) in the Reports section.
  • View-only (Reports): This is unique to Reports’ permission. A user can use the available filters but cannot use the export functionalities. They will not appear to users with this access level.

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