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Devon from Wagepoint
Devon from Wagepoint
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Note: In order to transfer account ownership, you must be an account owner.


1. In the navigation menu, go to Settings 

2. Under Company settings, click Roles & Permissions.

3. Click Account Owner.

4. Under Account Owner, select the Transfer Ownership tab.

5. Under New Account Owner, select an administrator from the drop-down menu. Account ownership can only be transferred to existing administrators within the small business. The drop-down list will not show any administrators associated with an accounting/bookkeeping form. 

6. Under How would you like to handle the transfer?, indicate how your own account should be handled, either:

  • a. Transfer ownership and disable my account: If chosen, you will be automatically logged out and the new account owner will receive an email to alert them of the access change.

  • b. Transfer ownership and assign a new role: If chosen, you will need to select a new role for your account. Note: Manager access must have departments enabled and only one manager can be set up per department.

7. Click Transfer ownership. Your account will automatically log out. You can re-enter your credentials to log in with your new access level.

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