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Devon from Wagepoint
Devon from Wagepoint
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1. In the navigation menu, navigate to People.

2. Click Add people.

3. Under Employment type, indicate whether you are onboarding an Employee or Contractor.

4. Under New hires employment status, indicate if the person is:

  • Active,
  • Terminated, or
  • On leave (unavailable for contractors).

5. Indicate if you would like to use self-onboarding for your staff:

  • If you select Yes, that would be helpful, you will be prompted to select the information you’d like your staff to enter for themselves. Use the checkboxes to indicate your preferences.
  • If you select No, I would like to onboard them myself, you will enter this information on behalf of your staff.

6. Click Start onboarding to enter the onboarding workflow.

7. On each page of the onboarding workflow, enter the relevant information and click Save & continue. If you exit the workflow at any time, your progress from previous pages will be saved.

Note: You can keep track of your progress in the navigation bar. If you miss a required field, the related section will show an "X" to indicate that something is missing or incorrect. The employee profile will not be finalized and will be tagged with "Profile incomplete."

If you are missing some key information, you can add what you have for now and come back later. You will not be able to proceed with the next step until each section has a green checkmark indicating that it is complete. 

8. When you reach the final review page and have confirmed the employee’s details, click Done.

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