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Devon from Wagepoint
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Edit a person’s details 

1. In the left navigation menu, go to People.

2. Locate the relevant person and select View..

3. Select the relevant tab:

  • Profile
  • Job details
  • Incomes, deductions & benefits
  • Tax
  • Prior payroll

4. Click Edit to make changes. 


What details can I edit?


You can make the following changes on a person’s profile: 

  • First, last, middle, and preferred name
  • Personal email. If a change to the email is made and the email address is not unique, you will get a warning letting you know that no two users can share an email address.
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth 
  • SIN 
  • External ID
  • Notes
  • Home address 
  • Payment Method: Changing this item will affect the next processed payroll.
  • Emergency contact information

These changes will take place immediately. If a payroll is in progress, you will get a pop-up letting you know that the changes will affect the current payroll.


Updating a contractor’s profile: Changing details in a contractor’s profile is similar to that of an employee. However, you will have an additional field to complete; the vendor type field. If the vendor is an individual, then you can update their SIN. If the vendor is a business entity, then you can update the business name and business number fields.


Job details

You can make the following changes relating to a person’s job details: 

  • Pay type and rate of pay
  • Employment type and expected hours
  • Job title.
  • Department
  • Work location
  • Province of residence (Note: This will go into effect after the current, in-progress payroll has been run). 
  • Workers’ compensation (if applicable)
  • Vacation pay calculation

Note: After a person has been paid, you will not be able to change their hire date or pay group.


Incomes, deductions and benefits 

If the person has multiple jobs, you will see the information displayed by job.

  • Incomes. Default hours-based income codes that are being used will be listed. You can add, edit, and/or remove additional income codes.
  • Deductions. You can add/edit/remove deduction codes.
  • Benefits. You can add, edit, and/or remove benefit codes.

Any changes which are made while a payroll is approved, but not yet finalized, will automatically go into effect for the next open pay period.



If the person has not yet been paid you will be able to edit any items listed:  

  • When an age limit has been reached for Canada Pension Plan (18 to start, 70 to end), the system will make this change automatically. There is no need for adjustments.
  • If the person has been paid, you will have the ability to change all fields except their province of employment.

Prior PayrollsAfter the person has been paid, you can no longer make edits to these amounts and the tab will disappear: 

  • If the person also worked in multiple provinces through the year you will see a tab for each province.

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